It is a short film about Elizabeth who is trapped in a cabinet while a mass shooter attacks workplace and she has to fight for her life and past. And I am currently seeking to develop into a feature film.

Currently writing the feature with two other talented writers to help develop the script, The talented actor Joanna Lusua is happy to reprise her role, I feel that it is a story that has the potential to be successful but also a story which is a metaphor of domestic violence, should be seen by a larger audience. It is a simple concept, a character is trapped in a cabinet as a mass shooter is attacking her workplace, but it has a lot of attention to detail to the story and also depth.

This short film took a day to shoot, and I feel that the feature version will take around two weeks, and would need a micro-budget, but only want to use cameras that are accepted by Netflix and other streaming platforms. I feel that if the script is done right, and has the right team, it will be a big success