Gitano Pictures is the film production company of Antony Schelts, set up in the second year of university, it is born out of a wanting to be innovative and to play with genres. Antony has the desire to ground his films in realism so the audience can connect with them. He has a passion for building narratives and worlds where the audience can learn and immerse themselves in.

He loves a good story, a story that takes the audience through a journey, one that can entertain or to teach, something that's visceral.

I also have a love for ordinary characters in extraordinary settings, someone who the audience can connect to, dialogue that flows with ease.

And a world is something he loves to build, it can be a world of technological revelation to a coffee shop where to lovers first meet, as long as the audience fell like they've been there before.

My list of credits isn't too long, but the scripts I've written have been with painstaking and loving detail. I have had some success with competitions, but not had the opportunity to submit my projects to many, or get professional feedback from my projects. But I'm a good writer with great ideas.